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Laptop Hunters part five: same schtick, different Lauren

Ross Miller

Ready for another round of Microsoft's Laptop Hunters? This time it's Lauren -- not the infamous original LH -- and mom seeking the perfect PC to take with her to law school. Top on the list of needs is a portable with speed and battery life, all for less than $1700. Shying away from the more expensive MacBook Pro -- a pretty tame jab, much like the last ad -- the dynamic duo settle on a Dell XPS 13a 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB RAM, 320GB HDD, and a $899 price tag. All in all, not the most exciting commercial the series has fostered, and with Apple finally going on the offensive, we really hope the gang in Redmond take it up a notch. See the relatively bite-free video for yourself after the break.

Update: Looks like Microsoft's pulled the video, probably due to some audio sync issues -- can we get Sheila on the case? We'll let you know when it springs back up.

Update 2: It's back online and now in HD.

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