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'Next' Kojima project teaser site now open

Jem Alexander

The Kojima Productions teaser website is now live. It may seem like a day early, according to the mysterious email that was passed around, but don't forget that Japan is generally a day ahead of the rest of us. The site looks very similar to the Japanese magazine teaser, in that it shows a field under a sky of storm clouds which meander wistfully across the screen.

Other than that, there's very little to see. No doubt it will be updated again on May 18 (May 17 for the rest of us) as the magazine teaser suggested. The only thing we have to go on -- and it's not much -- is that the webpage source code lists "MGS" and "Metal Gear" in the meta description. In contrast, the main page of the Kojima Productions website lists all of Kojima's previous games, even Policenauts and Snatcher.

Confirmation that this "Next" project is a new Metal Gear title? Hardly -- though it does make it that little bit more likely.

[Thanks, Matthew!]

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