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PETA reacts strangely to Overlord II's 'Whack-a-Seal' minigame


When we received the press release about Overlord II's Whack-a-Seal game being hosted on IGN, we immediately thought of the animal crusaders over at PETA. Considering the organization had recently done a seal clubbing protest in World of Warcraft, we figured it would have something to say about the promotional minigame.

Instead, PETA sent us a response back about some place called Can-a-da. Apparently, baby seals are killed by the "hundreds of thousands" there and we may soon see "PETA-made helmets for baby seals."

When asked for comment about the seal hunts, our token Canadian Xav de Matos commented, "I do not live in an igloo ... I live in a city and I have health insurance! Stop asking me stupid questions like that! Oh, and it is pronounced ZED!"

Jeez ... we just wanted to know. Check out PETA's full statement after the break.

PETA statement:

Not only is "Picking on others weaker than you" in the instructions for Whack-a-Seal, it's also the name of Canada's seal slaughter game. PETA is pleased that Whack-a-Seal is drawing attention to Canada's annual seal slaughter, during which sealers beat and skin hundreds of thousands of baby seals every year for products that are now banned in the U.S. and in Europe. In real life, seals don't have helmets and can't fight back, but perhaps you'll soon see PETA-made helmets for baby seals in Canada.

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