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    Samsung's N120 and N310 netbooks get reviewed, embraced


    In the mood for a netbook, are we? We've recently been hepped to reviews of two of Sammy's latest, and thought you might wanna take a look. The 10.1-inch, 2.8-pound N120 "isn't the smallest or lightest," according to Liliputing, but it is thin, light, and it does have some of the "best sounding speakers" the reviewer has ever heard on such a beast (though your mileage may vary). Battery life is described as "excellent," and the touchpad? "A step up" from the NC10, apparently. On the other hand, you are going to pay a bit more (like, somewhere near $50 more) than a similarly kitted Eee PC 1000HE. And how about that N310? That depends -- is $479 too much for one of the most "attractive and compact" 10-inchers on the market? For $10 less, Laptop points out, you can get double the battery life in the form of the (admittedly rather rough 'round the edges) Samsung N110. But "if style is at the top of your mobile computing list," the the reviewer continues, this guy is worth a look. And that isn't the half of it -- peep the links below for the full, unexpurgated reviews.

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