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SCEA's Seybold promises one of Sony's 'most aggressive marketing plans' for PS3


Did you see the NPD charts? The good news? PS2 sales went up 87% thanks to its new $99 price point. YAY! The not-so-good news? Well, PS2 beat PS3. If anything, the surprising turn in sales proves how truly powerful a price cut can be.

While PS3 sales are still lagging behind the competition, at least Sony is admitting to not getting the message across to the average Joe. "We often hear from our customers that they're surprised by everything the PS3 does in addition to what they purchased the device for -- including features like DLNA, free access to Wi Fi and Internet browser," Patrick Seybold, SCEA's Senior Director of Corporate Communications, told us in a statement. "In some ways, this serves as a reminder that there's more we can do to relay the full breadth and power of the PS3."

Hopefully, things will turn around in what Sony calls one of its "most aggressive marketing plans" yet. "We're revving up the new fiscal year with a broad tent of content and services across our platforms with envelope-pushing PS3 games like inFAMOUS, MAG, and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves ... We know our consumers have varying entertainment lifestyles from the Blu-ray movie fanatic to photo enthusiast, so we've outlined our most aggressive marketing plans to help showcase this tremendous value proposition to all our consumers. We've got a proven history in delivering the best entertainment experience and there is no doubt the PlayStation brand is staged for another big year."

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