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These ten minutes of BioShock 2 footage look awfully familiar


Though we already caught a snippet of the gameplay offered in the video you see above, why not watch a much longer, smoothly narrated version of some BioShock 2 footage? What's that? You say you don't want to ruin the game for yourself by watching the same vertical slice demo too many times?

While we can appreciate the hard-line stance you've taken, dearest reader, we highly suggest checking this clip out -- if only for the deep sea exploration and tactical combat. Sure, the underwater paths look a bit linear and the Little Sister's dialogue digs into our mind grapes like so many clog-footed wine makers, but hey, we've wanted flamethrower hands since we can remember. Is that so wrong?

Download HD BioShock 2 'Hunting the Big Sister' Gameplay Video (244 MB)

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