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A look at iPhone Apps making use of LotRO's XML data

William Dobson

Tony from the Lord of the Rings Online-focused blog MMeOw recently had a look at a couple of iPhone Apps that are taking advantage of the XML data that Turbine has made available. Both apps were developed by BAMsoft (which is just one guy, as is often the case with iPhone apps), and one has already been approved by Apple -- LOTROStatus will check the status of the US servers for you, and is available for free right now. If enough Europeans ask to have their servers included, another version of the app might be released especially for them.

BAMsoft's other LotRO iPhone App is called LOTROChar. With this program, you'll be able to view your in-game characters on your iPhone, check out lorebook links, and probably annoy co-workers by showing them the sweet loot you found the other night. This one hasn't been approved by Apple just yet, but it's sure to pop up in the iTunes store some time soon. It looks pretty nifty in the preview screenshots; keep up the good work BAMsoft!

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