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Free Realms destroys the 1 million account speed record

We've known it was going to be a strong contender since the first time we laid eyes on Free Realms. Once we stepped into the world last month and started playing the game, we knew it was going to be even bigger than we'd previously thought. Sure enough, we were right. News has come out this morning, courtesy of John Smedley on Twitter, that Free Realms crossed the 1 million account mark in just eighteen days since launch. Considering we got the news that Runes of Magic crossed the 1 million mark yesterday in just a little under two months, 18 days is an insanely fast time-frame for a recent free-to-play game release to break that mark! Of course, considering how fiendishly addictive and fun Free Realms is, we're not too surprised. We're sure the TV commercials probably didn't hurt, either.

We here at Massively would like to send out our congratulations to the Free Realms team on their exciting landmark achievement! We'll let you know more when we have some further details from SOE. In the meantime, if you'll pardon us, we're going to go play Demolition Derby to celebrate.
Want to know more about Free Realms? SOE's new whimsical free-to-play MMO is already being called a refreshing change of pace for kids and adults alike, and we have just the coverage you need!

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