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Chinese guild heads to Taiwan, kills Mimiron on hard mode


WoW has been in a state of flux in China lately, with the9 failing to gain approval from the government to publish Wrath of the Lich King, which in turn may or may not have lead to Blizzard licensing the operation of WoW in China to Netease instead.

In the midst of all this, it has been the players stuck in the middle, their play availability up in the air, stuck killing Kil'jaedan over and over and over as they wait for Northrend with bated breath. That said, there's still been a few players who have taken matters into their own hands.

The Chinese guild Stars decided to make a break for the Taiwanese servers, where Wrath has already been released. They've settled in on the Crystalpine Stinger server very nicely, as they have now defeated Mimiron on 25-man Hard Mode, making them only the second guild worldwide to have accomplished the task.

It's a pretty amazing accomplishment all on it's own, of course, seeing as they beat out almost all of the usual suspects worldwide to get the achievement, but can we extract anything about the future of WoW in China from it? Certainly, not every Chinese player is going to have the energy and patience to switch over to a Taiwanese server and re-level their characters from scratch, but it looks like there's at least some who are doing that. Who knows, there might even be an outside chance that one or two players will try out World of Fight just to have something new to do without Wrath.

Whether or not this Taiwan migration will have a huge impact on WoW in China remains to be seen, but for now what is sure is that the Stars guild is definitely stellar. Congratulations to them!

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