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Left 4 Dead Authoring Tools released to undead masses

"Sure, the rooftop portion of No Mercy is intense," you often explained to your Left 4 Dead-playing cohorts, "but you know what it needs? More Tanks. Eight or nine more, at least." Your friends attempt to dissuade your mad-eyed vision, but ultimately find it futile -- after all, it's not like you have the ability to summon these hulking meatwalls from the ether, right? ... right?

Tremble in fear, zombocalypse Survivors -- Valve just released the Left 4 Dead Authoring Tools it used to create the core campaigns to the general public. Using these grim mechanisms, players are able to "create your own campaign maps, character skins, 3D models, sound effects, and music and load them into the game." Best of all, Valve will be updating the matchmaking system to include player-made levels in the coming weeks. If your interest in L4D is waning, brace yourself -- the game's getting a huge booster shot.

[Thanks, Dan!]

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