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DJ Shadow lending DJ talents to DJ Hero

If your earholes have ever been graced by the presence of music created by DJ Shadow, we've got positively thrilling news for you -- the popular turntablist has been lending his encyclopedic knowledge of record mixology to Activision for months now as the developer works on DJ Hero. Not only that, he's also apparently lent his likeness and a few of his mashed-up tracks as well, according to his recent interview with Game Informer.

If you're not a fan of Mr. Shadow's music, there's still some stuff in that interview that might interest you. For instance, he lays out the basic gameplay structure of the game, explaining, "you have two records playing, and you have a sample track, and you have to basically simulate what you're hearing." Ah, yes. Given our history as professional Bar Mitzvah disc jockeys (certainly you've heard of DJ Rabbinical and the Mohels), we feel confident in saying that sounds spot on.

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