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Sunday Morning Funnies: Play me

Amanda Miller

Another Sunday has rolled around, and as always, some of the comics are talking about what's in the news, including the sale of BlizzCon tickets, the latest word to be officially adopted into the English language, and the BlizzCon pet!

  1. Check out the latest from Cru the Dwarf.
  2. Dark Legacy Comics: Donald the Explorer.
  3. Experience Points is inquiring into BlizzCon ticket prices, and /rolling for loot.
  4. Check out the latest from Flintlocke vs. the Horde.
  5. GU Comics: The Shedding.
  6. GU Comics: They're Haunting Me.
  7. GU Comics: Wait. Ted Said What?. Where do you stand on this issue? Personally, I'm going to take the opportunity to use it in an essay.
  8. Check out the latest from LFG.
  9. Massive Pwnage: Could be Worse.
  10. NoObz: Everything in Moderation.
  11. NPC: Payback and The Deal.
  12. Check out the latest from Teh Gladiators.
  13. World of Warcraft, eh? KHAAAAAAN! (That is my shortened version of the title).

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