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3D Realms still alive, claims Take-Two accusations 'without merit'


It's become clear as of late that Duke Nukem Forever has become a topic that we can't ignore. Today is no exception, with 3D Realms releasing its first public statement since the dissolving of the game's development team and saying that it's "not closed and is not closing." Though the developer admits Take-Two "retains publishing rights to the game [DNF]," it's positing an ability to "sell the game directly to the public."

Furthermore, the company is charging Take-Two with bully tactics for the way it has treated 3D Realms over the past year or so of negotiation. 3DR says Take-Two tried to force a "fire sale" out of the situation and due to this, 3DR left the table as of May 4. As the release pointedly notes, this was only two days before the news broke of the original events, and a flood of screenshots and video of the game was loosed on the public. Seems like we've got more litigation on our hands! Yeehaw!

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