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Age of Conan's letter from the game director for May explains Update 1.05

James Egan

Craig "Silirrion" Morrison, game director for Age of Conan, has posted a May letter (on the European forums) to the playerbase that reflects on the year since the game's launch, a year full of ups and downs. Beyond explaining a bit about how he came to work on Age of Conan and his enthusiasm for the game moving forward, the Letter from the Game Director drops info about Update 1.05.

Morrison briefly touches on some of the highlights of the update, namely the large outdoor playfield and its quests and storyline, a new RPG system, and updates for all classes in terms of abilities, spells, and feats. Morrison opts to steer away from these big changes in his letter, which are likely to get more attention in the long run, and looks at some of the smaller changes to Age of Conan that are on the way.

Some of the smaller changes include new vendors (provisioners), some of whom will provide new social pets, the 'Path of Comrades' recall ability that allows for return to your guild city, and livelier guild cities in general. Morrison also mentions that Update 1.05 will provide rewards for long-time subscribers. Those who've accrued six months or more in subscription time will get an extra (ninth) character slot free of charge, which will apply to all players who hit the six month mark going forward. (Thus, players who've filled all of their character slots on that account can take advantage of the ability to roll a new character at level 50 once hitting that mark with a previous character.) This is in addition to Funcom's plan to offer two additional (paid) character slots per account, meaning 'veterans' can have up to eleven characters per account.

These are a few highlights of Craig Morrison's Letter from the Game Director for May, but you can check it out in greater detail on the Age of Conan forums.

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