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Philips new Xenium X550 and X810 are, as usual, battery champions

Chris Ziegler

You might remember that reasonably attractive -- but EDGE-impaired -- Xenium X800 full touchscreen phone out of Philips last year, and it looks like they've got a successor lined up nearly a year later. The X810 (pictured top) looks a whole lot fresher than the model it replaces and adds a sliding numeric keypad, EDGE (we would've preferred 3G, admittedly), and is said to feature a 3.2 megapixel camera and WQVGA display. Like all Xeniums, it takes battery performance to the extreme with a claimed one month of standby time. Moving downmarket, the X550 candybar shares some of the X810's styling cues and also features the 3.2 megapixel cam, but loses the touchscreen for a standard QVGA unit; like its big brother, it'll allegedly go for a month on a charge. It seems the X550 can be yours with a quick trip to China, while you'll find the beefier X810 hanging out in Russia, Ukraine, and Turkey. Book your flights, folks.

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