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Soon-to-release echochrome patch adds PS Eye support, public level sharing

Majed Athab

Along with fellow PSN downloadable title The Last Guy, echochrome is receiving a sizable update in Japan. The PS3 version of the Escher-inspired puzzler will receive a new patch this Thursday, May 21, bringing to the game PS Eye support and a brand-new, public space for user-created levels.

Previously, echochrome did not have an open online space for players to share their level creations (or abominations), but instead user-created levels were screened and selected by Sony. Thankfully, this is changing now. The inclusion of PS Eye support is, suffice it to say, odd. In case you've ever played echochrome and wondered, "Gee, I really wish I could use my PS Eye to record how dumb and frustrated I look when trying to solve these mind-bending puzzles. Oh, and hey, I'd really like to put it up on YouTube, too." ... then, this is for you. You can watch yourself as you solve puzzles via a picture-in-picture screen (also pictured above). No word yet about other regions, but we've got a good feeling that this will be heading our way, too.

[Via Siliconera]

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