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Teaser for new European Wii game 'Feels' like Ju-On


Rising Star Games sent out a video teasing the announcement of a new game at the upcoming London MCM Expo. The video features people holding Wiimotes in a dark room in front of a flickering TV, and then having the crap scared out of them -- an idea last used for Nintendo's hilarious Fatal Frame IV commercials.

A brief image shown at the end of the trailer pretty definitively confirms the mystery title to be Kyoufu Taikan Ju-On (translated by Siliconera as "Feel Fear Ju-On"), the Wii horror title being made under the supervision of The Grudge director Takashi Shimizu. If Rising Star is picking this up for Europe, we should be able to expect a North American version from either XSEED, who works with Rising Star owner Marvelous on North American publishing, or Ignition, who publishes many AQ Interactive titles like Blue Dragon Plus and Boing! Docomodake DS. The video is available after the break.

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