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YuuWaa's hardware flash drives combine serious online storage with a silly name

Tim Stevens

There is certainly no shortage of backup solutions available for people with data that they'd rather not have disappear, and realistically that's probably everyone reading this, but there's always room for tech that makes the process easier. That's what YuuWaa's thumb drives pledge to do. Plug one into your PC (no Macs allowed) and you'll automatically be prompted to create an account and upload whatever you store on the drive. There are two models, a 4GB "Go" for €19.99 ($27) and a 8GB "Plus" flavor for €29.99 ($40), each offering twice their capacity in online storage -- storage that's free for half a year but thereafter costs between $3 and $6 a month to keep your files alive and, optionally, shared online. For that money you could just buy yourself a new thumb drive a few times a year, and we all know you can never have too many of those.

[Via Everything USB]

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