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Blyk shelves plans to expand to other markets, focuses on carrier partnerships

Chris Ziegler

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Relabeling its first (and only) live network as a "proof of concept," Blyk CEO Antti Öhrling has told mocoNews that the fledgling MVNO -- which trades a handful of voice minutes and text messages per month for a subscriber's agreement to put up with on-device advertising -- has stopped efforts to expand to other countries. It seems the new game plan involves sacking up with other carriers to license its technology, which'll probably cost Blyk a whole heck of a lot less than setting up new MVNO deals and running operations everywhere they go. That said, users of Blyk's UK network needn't fear; there's apparently no plan to shutter the service, though odds are good they'll be transferred to another carrier should the company find a suitable partner. It's a lot of work for 43 minutes a month, isn't it?

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