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Brain drain hurting UK's game development industry, government to rethink subsidies

Majed Athab

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The UK is not only looking to remedy its ailing game development scene by rallying against outsourcing, but is also in need of finding a better solution to the bigger, and arguably more pressing, issue of brain drain. Professionals in the British game industry are leaving their native land for places like Canada and France, where game developers receive tax breaks and other incentives not offered in the UK. Tax breaks are among the most sought after subsidies for British devs, and if they're not getting it, they're obviously going to have to look elsewhere. And, look elsewhere they have -- on record, there are at least 30,000 British expats in BC, Canada alone.

The Guardian reports that communications minister, Lord Stephen Carter, is currently weighing out the best options of support to combat shrinkage, though it's not certain if and when these incentives will come into effect. The British developer landscape has become quite barren; dev studios and projects have been axed in recent times, while others have been sold to foreign companies. Of course, consumers in Britain are unaware of the state its development industry is in; they're too busy buying the latest fitness thingamabobs from Japan.

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