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Elektromotive debuts billable charge station for electric vehicles

Darren Murph

Electric vehicles are about as far from ubiquitous as a burgeoning technology could be, but that's not stopping Elektromotive from thinking about future profits. Said firm has just revealed what it's calling the first-ever billable charge station for EVs, a three phase chargepoint that can supply up to 32 amps at 240V. The station itself is dubbed the Elektrobay, which is equipped with a 2-way GSM service called EBConnect; the latter enables users with specialized key fobs to simply wave their key in front of the pole, charge and be invoiced at a later time. Think PayPass, but for EV charging. We're told that the new billing system will be installed in all 160 of the Elektrobay units in the UK, and you can bank on it being baked into all future installations -- so much for free juice, huh?

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