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EVE lore blends sci-fi with horror in Blood Raiders pirate faction Chronicle

James Egan

The sci-fi game EVE Online is well known for being a title where player-driven activities like corporate espionage, piracy, and sweeping galactic warfare are daily occurrences. The game has a rich backstory behind it though; EVE's setting of New Eden continually gains more depth and new dimensions through bi-weekly Chronicles written by EVE developer CCP Abraxas. Since EVE's players are ship-bound in actual gameplay (until Walking in Stations is released), the game's lore adds something that a number of pilots have gotten into, with player corporations and alliances siding with a given faction discussed in the backstory. A fair amount of the Chronicles focus on New Eden's four (playable) races and regimes -- and the Empyrean Age expansion brought factional warfare into the game -- but there are also a few notable criminal organizations presented in EVE's lore.

Perhaps the most disturbing among them is The Blood Raider Covenant, a pirate NPC faction in the game that many EVE players know as their enemy through mission running, exploration content, or simply 'ratting' in asteroid belts. EVElopedia describes them as "a particularly gruesome sect of the generally reviled Sani Sabik cult. While all modern Sani Sabik rituals use blood in some manner or another, the Covenant places particular value on the blood of cloned humans, and is utterly ruthless in obtaining it, regularly boarding other spacecraft and abducting all aboard. From their base in Delve they launch lightning raiding parties and surprisingly well coordinated incursions deep into Empire space in pursuit of their goals." Their place in the game's lore provides fertile ground for mixing horror with sci-fi. Some EVE players have even established corporations and alliances aligned with the Blood Raider Covenant and the latest addition to EVE's lore focuses on this bloodthirsty faction.

CCP Abraxas writes, "While allegories of life's long journey are well and good, sometimes all you want is a nice, dark sh*t-kicking horror story." Thus he wrote "Houses of the Holy", a short story dealing with The Blood Raider Covenant. It's a must-read for EVE fans who are interested in the game's sanguine villains. You can read Houses of the Holy on the official EVE Online site and CCP Abraxas is discussing the story with his readers in the Chronicle's forum thread.

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