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Global Agenda video contest winners announced

Shawn Schuster

Last month, Hi-Rez Studios announced a special video contest where fans could create their own representation of a promotional video for Global Agenda. The results are now in, and they're happy to announce the winners for each category*. On their official blog, they've compiled a list of the winners, including a combined winner's playlist video, also available after the jump below. The maker of the "Best Overall" video receives a $200 gift certificate to, with all other listed winners receiving a gift certificate to the Global Agenda merchandise store.

The folks at Hi-Rez have also announced today that they will be offering hands-on time with Global Agenda at E3 this year, as well as a chance to meet up with the developers themselves. They'll be located at the South Hall, Booth 2630. We look forward to seeing them again ourselves, and finding out the latest developments in Global Agenda as we approach the beta period, hopefully soon.

*We highly recommend the winner of Most Humorous!

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