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Samsung C6625 Valencia shows up on Vodafone

Chris Ziegler

It's listed as "coming soon" for the moment, but in some brave, exciting future we all share, Samsung's C6625 Valencia will be gracing Vodafone as the aptly-named C6625v. It's not going to get passers-by to swoon, we're guessing, but the C6625v hangs tough with HSDPA, a totally usable QWERTY keyboard, and an interesting custom Windows Mobile Standard skin that may or may not have survived in its transition to a carrier-branded device (from the looks of the screen shot here, we're not hopeful). Best part is that we can virtually guarantee it'll be free on a reasonable contract, so this could end up being a good buy for frugal WinMo fanatics whenever it gets around to launching.

[Via CoolSmartPhone]

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