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Sony to never stop getting sued for rumble technology

It's been more than two years since Immersion and Sony settled their kerfluffle over the latter party's infringement on the former's "haptic feedback" (rumble) technology. However, Sony's not quite out of the woods yet -- it's currently the subject of yet another civil suit, filed this time by Craig Thorner, an engineer who also held a number of patents relating to haptic feedback.

Brace yourselves -- this gets confusing. After its settlement with Sony, Immersion was set to take on Performance Designed Products (PDP) for similar rumble-yoinking reasons. PDP contacted Thorner for some pre-litigious preparation. They negotiated terms for the licensing of his patents -- though Thorner used the same lawyers who represented Sony to help with said negotiation. His complaint is that these lawyers got him unfavorable results in the negotiation, including low royalty payments, and the inclusion of a provision that would grant a patent license to Sony.

So, technically, Sony's getting sued for patent infringement and legal malpractice. Hopefully, no suspected shady dealings will go down in this case. We'd hate to see Sony get stuck in some sort of inescapable infinite lawsuit loop.

Update: Turns out we've already turned your attention to this intense legal showdown. Consider this a helpful accidental reminder!

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