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Introducing - the new home of WoW Insider

We know – you love WoW Insider, Joystiq's very own World of Warcraft blog. You read everything from the latest breaking news straight out of Azeroth, to every little detail on every little patch, to the guild drama (oh the drama!). Tonight, WoW Insider is undergoing a substantial change.

Introducing, the new home of WoW Insider. Pretty nice digs, right? As long as we've got a new domain to call home, we thought we'd spruce the place up. First, you'll notice a new, streamlined design that puts the emphasis on what you're there to see: the content! But we're bringing you more than just a shiny new paint job and a new address. We're also excited about the beta launch of Profiles! Check out the welcome post at Insid ... err, for details on what you can do with this new functionality (spoiler: show off your characters, make blog posts and galleries, and download the addon, to name a few things).

Before you go over there and check the place out, join me in extending a huge thanks to everyone involved in the development and launch of From the GameDaily team: John Benyamine, Willis Lambert, Paul Heuts, and Patrick Lucas. From the Joystiq team: Elizabeth Harper, Justin Glow, Barb Dybwad, and the entire team. And lastly, from the Weblogs team: Matt Heerema, Erik Sagen, and Brad Hill.

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