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Kojima's next project: become bigger, global


What exactly does an Executive Corporate Officer Director of Kojima Productions do, you ask? Well, we can tell you what he doesn't do. "I'd love to work on a smaller project," Hideo Kojima mused during a new interview with Develop. "But, thinking about the time I have left to survive, I'd rather spend that time working on bigger projects" -- global projects.

Having recently completed a tour of various US game studios -- and taking copious notes, no doubt -- Kojima has returned to his seat atop Kojima Productions pondering a competitive, global expansion of his once modest development company, while attempting to keep his hand in everything. "At its peak, there were 200 people working for me on MGS4," Kojima explained. "The way I look at it is being 200 people versus me." What happens if that number was to balloon to, say, 2,000?

While the pains of growing and the pressure to deliver in a "hit industry" might have Kojima daydreaming his escape out from under Konami's arm and into a life not bound to Metal Gear sequels, let's face it, his greatest fear is losing control: "I think that what you might expect from a Metal Gear might only be possible from Kojima Productions." Cue the countdown.

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