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New race and a housing system are unveiled for the next expansion of Fly for Fun

Jon Shute

Fly For Fun, of Flyff as it's also known, is a manga styled game which bills itself as "the first free-to-play MMORPG to offer players the opportunity to fly around the world of Madrigal using magic brooms, bikes or skateboards" and has a new expansion arriving soon called "Act IV: New Shores". gPotato have unveiled two of the new features in this expansion, the Rainbow Race and the housing system.

The Rainbow Race will allow players to, once a week, sign up to the race and show off their flying skills while competing in various mini-games at each checkpoint in order to complete the race. Rewards from this race range from temporary buffs, gPotato cash shop items or precious Orichalques and Lunar Stones. Also being added is player housing, which will allow players to create a customized environment in which to socialize. Player housing will be available to all players of all levels for free.

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