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NPD: Video gaming surpasses moviegoing

Are you puzzled as to why visionary director Steven Spielberg recently made the leap from managing motion pictures to creating block-n-ball Wii games? The answer can be found in a recent NPD study: According to the NPD research group, 63 percent of Americans have played a video game in the past six months -- but only 53 percent of Americans went out to the movies over the same time period. Mr. Spielberg is jumping off a burning ship.

Do you realize what this means? We're winning. We're not sure what we're winning, but surely someone, somewhere, was arguing about why video games are better than films. The NPD just supplied this lone crusader with an invaluable piece of empirical evidence. Keep the fire, brother. Your hour of victory draws near.

For more stats about how great video games are, check out the NPD's full report.

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