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The Daily Grind: What game mechanic do you dislike?

Lesley Smith

No MMO is perfect, although some cut it pretty close (I'll leave it up to you to decide which). Regardless of which game you play, whether it's WoW, EVE, City of Heroes, AoC or even a fremium like Free Realms, there will always be something about the game that not everyone will like. For me it's mainly little things: the minigames in Free Realms, the vehicle interface in WoW. But sometimes, it's mechanics like this which can make or break a game and help a player decide whether they should continue past the 7/10/14-day trial and actually pay good money for a game.

For some it's an ability or a particular boss, for others it's something not in game that probably should be. I want to know what game mechanics -- which are in your game of choice -- you really don't like and why. Speak up, readers, and drop your thoughts in the box below.

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