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A different kind of desktop publishing

Mel Martin

We all know Macs pretty much created desktop publishing in 1985 with the original Mac and the Laserwriter Printer. Now it seems, Macs are preferred by some criminals doing desktop counterfeiting.

An article in the Vancouver Sun today recounts how the largest bogus money lab in British Columbia history was busted. The Mounties found almost $100,000 dollars in fake US bills, and $130,000 worth of Canadian bills.

Of course everything was seized, including the computers being used by the crooks, which looks like at least one iMac. The photo also appears to include a couple of scanners, and a laser printer.

Well, I guess the counterfeiters would be among those who agree that Macs 'just work', even though sometimes you get caught.

Thanks to Anton for tipping us to this story.

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