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Another Palm Pre in the wild, this time with video

Chris Ziegler

Because most Pres caught outside Palm's near-clinical demo environments have been doing next to nothing so far, even the faintest hint of actual user interaction on video or in pictures is still interesting at this point. On that note, we present a mister "Doc31" from PreCentral's forums, whose fame, fortune, clout, or pure happenstance appears to have landed him some hands-on time with the most buzzworthy device of the moment. On video, the dude's managed to capture a fleeting moment with the Palm Profile screen new users see, where you'll enter all the requisite information necessary to get the phone syncing with the cloud. Even better, there's not a hint of Mr. Blurrycam in any of the accompanying photos, which is always a win in our book. You know what would be an even bigger win, though? Our own Pre. Follow the break for video!

[Via PreCentral]

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