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Boom Blox producer leaves EA, joins thatgamecompany


thatgamecompany, the studio behind flOw and Flower, has managed to sweep away former EA developer Robin Hunicke. Hunicke worked as the lead designer behind MySims, and produced the two Wii Boom Blox titles. In a statement to Kotaku, Hunicke explains that she wants "to reach new people, with new experiences, via the medium of games and the language of game design" in her new position. With both flOw and Flower completed, Hunicke says thatgamecompany is "at the forefront of the indie movement."

It's currently unknown what position Hunicke will serve at thatgamecompany or what project she will be working on. The team is still contractually obligated to develop at least one more game for PlayStation Network.

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