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Choose my adventure with profiles

Alex Ziebart

We're all still slaving away on, finding bugs and filing feedback. To help that process along, we're going to try a little experiment. I'm going to level a character from level 1 to level 80, and all of it will be documented on my profile. The hook is that you guys are going to decide most aspects of this character, such as race, class, and talent spec.

Such things will be determined largely via polls right here on the front page of, where I'll be giving weekly updates on my progress along with what I've learned about the class and the world and any other observations I might have. If you want a little more detail on the process such as where I'm going, what I've done, and any other little notes I make via the Adventurer's Note feature, you can follow that on my profile. If you don't dig our profiles portion of the site, hey, no problem. You'll still get weekly updates right here on the blog until I'm level 80.

There are two polls: Race and Class. I will play whichever choices are the most popular. If the chosen race can't actually be the chosen class, I'm going to go with whatever is the most popular class that I can actually play as that race. The polls are below, and there's a little more information behind the cut underneath them.

Update: Polls will remain open so those who voted can still see the results, but as of May 22nd, Gnome Warlock won the polls and the adventures have begun.

I already have a Priest and a Paladin at level 80 so I would personally rather not play those again and have a redundant character, but what you guys say is what goes. If you guys want a Troll Priest (oh god no) then that is what I shall play. Death Knight is not an option because those start at level 55, not level 1. Plus I'm about to ding 80 on one of those and if you made me start leveling another one immediately I would probably end up damaging myself in ways I will not describe.

Vote in the polls, and you can start following my updates over on my profile. Once my race and class are selected, over there is where I'll be asking about talent trees. I hope you guys enjoy this little experiment, and we very much appreciate your help with testing out the site!

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