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Double experience in EverQuest this weekend

William Dobson

There's a new Tip of the Week being shared with the EverQuest community on the official forums -- kill stuff this weekend. Okay, so most players would have been killing stuff anyway, but the reason for the tip comes from the fact that there's more experience on offer than usual:

EverQuest adventurers will be surrounded by a magical DOUBLE experience increase. And double XP means 100% extra XP, or 200% XP... Whichever way you want to look at it, that's a lot of XP! Happy adventuring!

The experience rate will be doubled from 10:00AM PDT on Friday the 22nd, all the way through til 10:00AM PDT on Tuesday the 26th. This is actually a full four days worth of 2x experience gain, so if an extended EverQuest weekend was on the cards for you sometime in the near future, this might be the time to put that plan into play.

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