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Dragonball: Tenkaichi Daibouken revealed ... and it's a side-scroller


The Wii is seeing a revival of the classic side-scroller -- with 3D trimmings. Siliconera has shed more light on Bandai's latest Dragonball -- Tenkaichi Daibouken -- which follows in the leaping, bounding footsteps of "2.5D" titles such as Klonoa and New Play Control! Donkey Kong Jungle Beat.

The game is (to no one's surprise, we'd imagine) cel-shaded -- and looking quite sharp, as the above screenshot implies. It stars young Goku and is based on the earliest pre-"Z" Dragonball material. You can catch a glimpse of gameplay on the game's Flash-based Japanese site (if you don't mind giant kanji characters obscuring some of it). Neither Namco Bandai nor Atari has laid claim to a US release, but that may very well change come E3.

[Via Siliconera]

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