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EA wants to 'take some risks' on Wii

According to EA's Joe Booth, plans for the Nintendo Wii are "long-term" at EA, as the company tries to strike a good balance of titles for the popular platform in 2009. In an interview with the Official Nintendo Magazine, the senior producer for Electronic Arts' Nintendo group said the company wants to "take some risks" with Nintendo's home console.

"The industry has woken up to the Wii," Booth told the mag. In his own estimation, Booth -- who is overseeing Need for Speed Nitro for Wii -- feels the Wii has a lot of "new energy," which drives his group's passion. Perhaps Nintendo's energy stems from sailing high above the competition in hardware sales.

Electronic Arts has a slew of Wii exclusive software planned for 2009, including EA Sports Active and Dead Space: Extraction, along with special Wii versions of its annual sports franchises.

[Via Edge]

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