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Komodo's Retro Adapter brings your dusty old gamepads to your dusty new Wii

Tim Stevens

While we hear Punch Out!! is quite good, it's safe to say the Wii hasn't exactly been flooded with great titles lately. The most enjoyable part of the system still comes from the Virtual Console and all the classic titles that populate it, and soon you'll be able to pair those games with the classic controllers they were written for thanks to Komodo's Retro Adapter. Sure, we've seen some rather... unsophisticated ways of making N64 controllers work in the past, and Nintendo itself hopped on the retro bandwagon with a first-party Wii SNES gamepad, but Komodo's adapter has no exposed solders, looks like a wee N64, and even lets you use your creaky old NES pad. No official word on availability, but expect a $20 price sometime in June. We'll be bringing you more from E3.

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