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SingStar celebrates fifth year, dev hints at video editing features

Jem Alexander

SingStar turned five years old today. Since it first released in Europe, it has spawned a series of twenty-six (we think -- it's hard to keep track) titles in the region alone. The development team at London Studios aren't done yet, though. Speaking to Develop, the studio's development director, Mike Haigh, has said that "watching how people use video and the pause button gives us good indication as to what to do next, and that's a hint at what we might be doing in the future."

Video editing features would be a great addition to SingStar PS3's feature list. Watching people prance about singing badly is already fun enough, but some of the My SingStar Online videos have included some very clever uses of the pause button in order to create even funnier masterpieces. With full control we could see even more impressive pieces of video and, who knows, maybe the start of a new web TV show.

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