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Choose My Adventure: The birth of Turpen, Gnome Warlock

Alex Ziebart
Save readers, it's up to you to decide the fate of Turpen the Gnome Warlock with Choose My Adventure. Help test the site's new features by participating in this event, casting your vote toward the many aspects of Turpen and following his exploits on Alex Ziebart's profile!

The polls are closed and the votes have been tallied. The audience has decided that for this little experiment, I am going to play a Gnome Warlock while I track my misadventures on my profile. As mentioned in the original post, most of the decisions regarding this character's growth will be made by you, our readers. I'll give weekly updates on my progress via the blog here, but so much more will be happening over on my profile. I've already started a photo album which will contain screenshots of my little 'lock as he goes from level 1 to level 80.

I've already rolled the character and I've named him Turpen, in homage to a certain Englishman on the team. I've decided to play a male, because... well, I usually play female characters as you can see on my character list. Let's be different this time around! However, dear readers, there is still more for you to decide. There are three polls behind the cut below. Professions and my talent tree.

Update: Turpen has hit level 10, so polls will close at midnight tonight! The next status update will come early next week. For now, let's talk talents over on my blog!

There were some questions as to why I did the polls the way I did in the original post, putting both class and race up at the same time, with race taking precedence over class. There were a couple reasons for it. One, if class took precedence, I think there was potential there to severely limit the potential outcomes. I didn't want a situation where Druid won, and then Tauren and Night Elf were the only race options. That's pretty lame! I also could have done two posts with individual polls. That would have worked, but it also would have made this thing take multiple days before I even rolled a character. That's not fun for any of us. It would be a waiting game for me, and I'm confident all of you would have gotten bored. So Gnome Warlock it is. Don't worry though! If this thing takes off, we may continue doing it. Perhaps I can sucker a team member into playing a Tauren Shaman once I've hit 80!

Head on over to my profile for further discussion! I'm currently looking for Warlock mod recommendations over there!

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