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Fallout 3: Bill Clinton could have been President Eden [update]


That's right, the sax man himself was considered by a casting agency for the role of everyone's favorite Fallout 3 radio host/President of the United States, John Henry Eden. Bill Clinton wasn't interested in the role -- or any role in gaming, for that matter -- as Lev Chapelsky, general manager of Blindlight, a company that secures Hollywood talent for voicework in games, recently told Edge. Clinton's attorneys responded to the request for him to play President Eden pretty harshly, actually: "The former president will not participate in one of your videogame products, thank you very much."

Hey, as cool as Clinton would have been as President Eden, we still appreciate the fine performance of Malcolm McDowell. The man may have not been a president, but he's certainly helped in giving the world one of its most beloved Halloween costumes. That's worth something, right?

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