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T-Mobile USA starts pushing Android 1.5 to G1 owners (update: not yet)

Chris Ziegler

That delay wasn't too painful, we suppose. After slipping the US release of the Cupcake-rich Android 1.5 by just a handful of days, T-Mobile USA is starting to push it out to G1 users in the field. The company estimates everyone will have it by early June, so if you haven't gotten the notification yet, hang tight, shake your fist at the sky, and scream a few choice obscenities for us. One more screencap is after the break, and it's a real treat for the anti-Apple crowd.

[Thanks, Raymond and Jamie]

Update: We're aware that the screen shot here shows a UK build -- we're currently awaiting official comment from T-Mobile USA on how the rollout is progressing over here. Stay tuned!

Update 2: So far, it seems like the only folks getting updates are those who'd previously installed a UK build on their US-spec G1, which means the good people playing by the rules and avoiding any firmware tomfoolery are still update-less. We're still waiting on official comment from T-Mobile, but it's not looking good.

Update 3: Indeed, the push hasn't started. T-Mobile tells us that "nothing has changed... plans are still to roll it out this week" -- so if you're crazy anxious to get this installed, your best bet is probably still to install the ADP or UK build.

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