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The Daily Grind: Does bonus XP draw you back?

It seems like many games are offering bonus experience weekends to draw people back in to their games. After all, it gives you a chance to level up far faster than you normally would, which is nice. The other side effect to these weekends is that it gets more people in-world, so someone thinking about resubscribing would look around and think "there are lots of people here, this place seems to be doing well" and maybe come back.

Personally, I played a bit during the recent Lord of the Rings Online bonus weekend, and will undoubtedly poke my head into EverQuest to enjoy some double experience as well. That said, the times I tend to stick around are when I have a friend who comes and plays with me, or if I find some new friends who don't mind my play being somewhat erratic due to work. With that said, do you tend to return for bonus experience? Does it ever get you to resubscribe? Or do you just show up for the bonus weekends and then head back to whatever game you normally play?

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