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WRUP: Anybody home?


Guys? Hello? Is anyone home? I was thinking about getting together a group for Moria. Guys? Anybody home? Why are you all flagged away on IM? What MMO has this "spy" class you're all talking about? Guys?
  • Brendan Drain: My final university exam is this weekend, then it's time to relax with some Team Fortress 2 and some PvP in EVE Online. Once the exam is over, I'll also finally have time to step up my writing and get some new articles done that I've been putting off for weeks.
  • Colin Brennan: Trying out hanging with a roleplaying group I found in Second Life who seem to be pretty active and silly, and also doing some Star Wars tabletop roleplaying this weekend. I get to be a sith apprentice! Wooo hooo! I'm sprinting to the dark side!
  • Dan O'Halloran: Will be getting in some time in LotRO's Mines of Moria Friday night before heading out of town for the weekend. Just fought my way to Orc Watch for the horsepoint, but want to tackle the quests north of the 21st Hall before I venture deeper into the mines. I am continually impressed with the use of vertical space in the Moria expansion. You go down so deep to get to Orc Watch only to discover it's on the ledge of an even deeper, larger cavern. Great stuff!
  • James Egan: I'll be playing two games this weekend, which are my usual two -- EVE Online and Team Fortress 2. As to the latter, I'm loving The Ambassador pistol for the Spy, which came out with the class update. I was having so much fun I just refused to stop, and ended up playing all night. I'm not sure if I should feel guilty about this or what, but I don't. Not in the least. :D
  • Krystalle Voecks: I expect I'll spend some time reading the copy of Pride & Prejudice & Zombies I got for my birthday the other day, getting last-minute details nailed down for E3, and playing some EVE. If I can manage to get all the work taken care of, I'll probably head out to my favorite club and get my dance on. 00ntz 00ntz!
  • Kyle Horner: It's all about the Sniper/Spy action this weekend in Team Fortress 2. Yeah, it's like a disease.
  • Lemuel Pew: Team Fortress 2, Sniper/Spy update. That's pretty much it.
  • William Dobson: I'll be continuing my re-rolled character from last week in Warhammer Online. I'm on one of the more populated servers, but there are still large chunks of the day where RvR and Scenarios are completely dead, which is disheartening. I expect that this will be less so in Tier 4, but getting through Tier 3 could be painful.
So, dear readers, now tell us -- what are you playing this weekend?

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