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New DLC makes Animal Crossing avatars look even more punchable


To celebrate the release of Punch-Out!!, Nintendo is offering a gift to European Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City players on Little Mac's behalf. Is it enough to bring prodigal Crossers back into the Wii game? Well, only those who love headgear. We kind of think the protective boxing equipment looks slightly supervillain-esque, which is a bonus.

From now until June 5, Let's Go to the City players who have WiiConnect24 on can get a gift of green boxing headgear just for turning the game on and checking their mail. The headgear will be stuffed into a letter. The item has yet to appear on the North American DLC hub, but we're confident American gamers will be able to protect their avatars' squishy heads soon.

[Via N-Europe]

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