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Pantech Aladdin for AT&T: QWERTY when you need it, numeric when you don't

Chris Ziegler

Between the Matrix and Matrix Pro, Pantech seems to be carving out a curious niche for itself on AT&T with multi-keypad devices, and the trend looks like it could continue if the "Aladdin" ends up coming to market. The HSDPA-capable dumbphone starts life as a chubby candybar with a numeric pad, but a flick of the finger brings out full QWERTY for when the SMS conversations (threaded, no less!) start to get heated. It's got a meager 1.3 megapixel cam -- proof that it's a lower-end device -- along with AGPS, stereo Bluetooth, Video Share, and support for Windows Media DRM. According to our documentation, AT&T wants this one out in August, but it's unclear if they'll meet that date -- assuming it successfully makes it through carrier certification. Follow the break for a couple closeup shots of the phone.

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