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What would you do with a foot-tall Wesker?

Oh, sure. We know the term "foot-tall Wesker" contains limitless potential for innuendo, but we beseech you to fight your immature urges while answering the question posited in this post's headline. The 12" Resident Evil villain in question is an extremely detailed action figure from Hong Kong toy producers Hot Toys (check out a full-size render of the toy after the jump). You may have seen their Sheva and Chris models as well, though we find they lack Wesker's Rob Van Winkle-esque je ne sais quoi.

So, seriously. What would you do with a foot-tall Wesker? Use him as a doorstop? A paperweight? Plant him near your cabbage garden to scare away rabbits? The possibilities are endless.

[Via Kotaku]

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