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High Voltage follows The Conduit with Gladiator A.D.


Having already established itself as a leading developer of mature Wii games about guys shooting stuff with The Conduit, High Voltage Software has revealed its latest Wii project using the Quantum3 engine: a game about guys swording stuff. Gladiator A.D. is a bloody fighting game that puts players in the role of (obviously) a Roman gladiator.

The 300-inspired fighter allows players to choose from a selection of gladiators from different backgrounds, each with his or her own story and rival characters. The fighting takes place from an over-the-shoulder perspective, with each Wii controller representing one of the fighter's hands. Optional MotionPlus compatibility allows players to control the angle at which their swords cut into their opponents.

Gladiator A.D. is currently slated for a Q1 2010 release. High Voltage told IGN that it would also announce another title before E3.


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