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Mobiado Grand Line to cost hundreds of dollars per QWERTY key?

Chris Ziegler

Mobiado doesn't make the cheapest phones in the world; quite the contrary, actually, with models that run into the tens of thousands of dollars depending on metals, jewels, and your salesperson's insultingly high margin. MobileBurn has obtained shots of what could be a member of the company's new "Grand Line," a QWERTY set -- which would be the company's first -- with mother-of-pearl inlay properly conveying just how much better you and your phone are than those around you. No word on pricing, availability, operating system, or just how real this is, but if you're properly endowed, we're sure you'll be in touch with the proper folks to get on the waiting list.

Update: A close look at the the keyboard, chin, and microphone placement suggests that the device could be a reskinned E71 -- which would make sense, seeing how Mobiado's probably too small to be crafting its own QWERTY smartphone guts. Thanks, Craig!

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