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Noby Noby Boy cheated to reach Mars

Majed Athab

Fans of Noby Noby Boy have finally arrived at the next destination in their voyage across outer space, having only spent three months stretching to get there. Three months may sound like a long time to get to the next level of any game, but for anyone familiar with the oddity known as Noby Noby Boy, this was way (and we mean way) ahead of schedule.

When the mathematicians amongst the game's fans first brought out the calculators, it was determined that it would actually take several years before Mars would be reached. Apparently, Namco multiplied player's submitted lengths by 765, speeding up the process. Essentially, it cheated, though undeniably in a good way.

This, however, raises a good point: the next few planets are going to have an even greater distance between them. Does this mean we're going to see more multipliers? Can we expect to see a "double XP weekend," sort of deal? Or should Namco rearrange its measuring system or modify the gameplay?

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